The Ultimate Guide to Compliant Marketing in Financial Services

Learn how marketing leaders in financial services are succeeding with digital marketing (in a compliant way).

Learn how your peers (and competitors) are shaping their marketing strategies

Marketing in an industry like financial services goes beyond just meeting the regulations. Creativity and compliance must go hand-in-hand, which is a challenge when there is no ‘golden standard’ that exists. 

From speaking to marketing leaders across the industry, our guide is a definitive resource for both seasoned veterans and financial services newcomers. Our guide covers: 

- How to ensure your approval processes work efficiently 

- Best practice in governing social media use

- The regulations that many marketers miss


“If you’re a digital marketer in financial services people think ‘great, that’s going to transform my business and double revenues in months’. That’s not how it works. Under promise and over deliver.”

Tom Hughes

VP and Head of Digital Marketing (EMEA)
Allianz Global Investors

“Compliance need to treat marketers like adults, allowing for self-compliance, and marketers need to act like adults and appreciate the importance and value of compliance. Everyone needs to work to build a closer relationship.”

Roddi Vaughan-Thomas

Head of Communications & Marketing
Tatton Investment Management

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“Anyone who has responsibility for ‘signing off’ on marketing campaigns should not be in a position where a piece of content is ‘signed off’ forever. All financial campaigns have a shelf life.”

Vicky Pearce


“For our firm, we have social media policies in place and training is a necessity to ensure stakeholders understand the compliance rules around social media.

Holly Tedford

Digital Marketing Manager 
Sarasin & Partners

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